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Photo of D-H Kickapoo, registered Texas Longhorn heifer
D-H Kickapoo at 1 week

D-H Kickapoo at 1.5 years


Pedigree of D-H Kickapoo: DOB: 8/13/04
TLBAA C228210


Overlord CP
Grandsire 2:

Monarch 103
Granddam 2:
3S 383
3S 383
Great grandsire 1:

Great granddam 1:

Kimco 5
Great grandsire 2:

Great granddam 2:

Shapely Jumper

Great Grandsire 3:


Great granddam 3:

Lady Butler
Great grandsire 4:

3S Sampson 365
Great granddam 4:

A.S. Ginger



D-H Kickapoo has a great genetic background for long horns. L Brilliant Mary has 70+" horns (tip-to-tip), is a daughter of the great horn-producing Monarch 103 and combines the best of the Butler and WR families. D-H Shogun is a double-bred grandson of Emperor, and is descended from some of the best bulls and cows of the Phillips, WR, Butler, and Wright families of Texas Longhorns. His ancestors include six of the bulls listed among the Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time in a reader's poll by the Texas Longhorn Journal in 1996: Texas Ranger JP at #1, Bail Jumper at #2, Overwhelmer at #3, Impressive at #5, Cowcatcher at #6, and Classic at #9! Kickapoo's pedigree also has all five of the top five bulls of all time named by Texas Longhorn breeders in a poll conducted by Texas Longhorn Trails in 2001, including #1 Emperor twice as a great-grandsire. Emperor has become perhaps the premier Texas Longhorn bull of the modern era. In 2003, more of the Texas Longhorn cows that sold at public auction for over $10,000 were sired by Emperor than by any other bull, and he sired more of the 150 top-selling Texas Longhorns of the 1990s than any other bull (20 of the list of 150; no other bull sired more than 10 of the top 150 high-sellers). Kickapoo's grandsire, Overlord CP, has also consistently produced outstanding offspring, including Shogun's half-brother Boomerang CP (who produced more 2003 Horn Showcase Champions than any other bull). In addition, the females in Kickapoo's pedigree are all outstanding. So, we have great expectations for this black-and-white daughter of L Brilliant Mary and D-H Shogun.

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