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Emperor's HP Elissa

Pedigree of Emperor's HP Elissa (CA 168940) DOB: 11/2/95


Grandsire 1:

Granddam 1:

Ranger's Measles
Grandsire 2:

Bail Jumper
Granddam 2:

Great grandsire 1:

Great granddam 1:

Doherty 698
Great grandsire 2:

Texas Ranger JP
Great granddam 2:

Measles 2849
Great grandsire 3:

Great granddam 3:

Ranger's Measles
Great grandsire 4:

Great granddam 4:



This beautiful black cow has an outstanding pedigree...every parent, grand-parent, and great-grand-parent is a well-known and respected Texas Longhorn. All of her grandsires and great grandsires were listed among the Greatest Texas Longhorn Herd Sires of All Time in a reader's poll by the Texas Longhorn Journal in 1996: Texas Ranger JP at #1, Bail Jumper at #2, Overwhelmer at #3, Impressive at #5, and Cowcatcher at #6! In addition, her sire Emperor is the sire of more top-selling and longhorned cows than any other sire in recent Texas Longhorn history, and was sire of more Texas Longhorn cows that sold at public auction for over $10,000 in 2003 than any other Texas Longhorn bull. There are not many black Emperor daughters (since Emperor was not black, this coloration has to be inherited from the dam), which adds to the appeal of this cow. The black coloration came from Don Quixote to Don Quintana to Impressive to Shapely to Shapely's Jumper to Emperor's HP Elissa. The females in her pedigree are also outstanding, and include all the greatest Texas Longhorn cows in the history of the breed. Elissa is continuing this tradition of greatness, and has outstanding calves (e.g., see D-H Shogun). She is ED/e at the Extension locus, and SP/s at the Spotting locus, so she produces lineback or spotted offspring that can be black, brown, or red). Her ancestors are mostly from the Phillips, WR, and Butler families of Texas Longhorns, but she carries some Wright blood as well.

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