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CO Paint Brush

Pedigree of CO Paint Brush (C195075) DOB: 3/6/99



TP Marina
Grandsire 1:

Granddam 1:

Grandsire 2:

Rope Burn
Granddam 2:

Great grandsire 1:

Great granddam 1:

Doherty 698
Great grandsire 2:

Blackwood's Diego
Great granddam 2:

Moore Longhorn 12/2
Great grandsire 3:

Bail Jumper
Great granddam 3:

Ramblin Rose
Great grandsire 4:

Classic Especial FM222
Great granddam 4:

Wiley 143

This cow exhibits the classic "color-sided" pattern. This pattern is produced by heterzygosity of a partially dominant allele at the color-sided locus (i.e., individuals with a Cs/cs+ genotype). Color-sided cattle typically have a very irregular white stripe (with roan or dappled edges) along the backs and belly, and a roan or dappled pattern on the head. However, the expression is somewhat variable, and some heterozygotes for Cs show much less white on the back and belly, and little to no white on the head. In cattle that have at least one copy of the ED (black) allele at the Extension locus, heterozygotes for Cs/cs+ may even appear to be blue roans. Cattle that are homozygous for the Cs allele (i.e., Cs/Cs) exhibit the "white park" pattern: a mostly white animal with areas of color on the ears, muzzle, and lower legs (although this is not the only genetic locus that produces this phenotype). L Brilliant Mary exhibits the white-park pattern. The color-sided pattern is somewhat similar to but has a different genetic basis than the line-back or Pinzgauer pattern. This latter pattern may be distinguished from color-sided in that the dorsal and ventral areas of white typically have clean (not dappled) edges. For an example of a true line-back individual (the heterozygous genotype SP/S+), see TP Bo Peep or her calf, D-H Oreo.

Paint Brush's ancestors are from the Phillips, WR, Wright, Butler, Peeler, and Yates families of Texas Longhorns.

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