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Photo of Crown's Classic Shadow, senior herd sire of the Double Helix Ranch and registered Texas Longhorn bull
At 3 years old

Photo of one of the senior herd sires of Double Helix Ranch: Crown's Classic Shadow
At 5 years old

Crown's Classic Shadow, 2007
At 6 years old

Crown's Classic Shadow
At 7 years old

Crown's Classic Shadow
(70" tip-to-tip)
2003 TLBAA Hall of Fame Winner
Grand Champion Bull, Grand National Stock Show 2002
Senior Champion, Grand National Stock Show 2002
Top Selling Bull, TLBAA Horn Showcase Sale, 2003

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Pedigree of Crown's Classic Shadow (B67856) DOB: 5/27/01

Grandsire 1:

Granddam 1:
Photo of Bet I Can
Bet I Can
Grandsire 2:

Federal Express

Great grandsire 1:


Great granddam 1:

Doherty 698
Great grandsire 2:

Great granddam 2:
Lightning C Black Velvet
Lightning C Black Velvet
Great grandsire 3:

Bail Jumper
Great granddam 3:

Take A Letter
Great grandsire 4:
Photo of Issacs Original 0/0
Issacs Original 0/0
Great granddam 4:

June 15/3


This beautiful bull was bred by Donald Winger of Salem, Oregon, and won multiple Grand Championships for Don on the show circuit. We bought him from Don at the 2003 Horn Showcase sale (his full sister from 1998, Royal Class Gal, was another of the high-sellers at the 2003 Horn Showcase sale, and was purchased by Bill Hudson of Hudson Longhorns). He is E+/e at the Extension locus, and expresses a very deep, saturated walnut (wild-type) coloration that almost looks black. He also exhibits the lineback pattern; he is SP/s at the Spotted locus, so he will produce lineback and spotted offspring. His horn development, conformation, size, behavior, and coloration are all outstanding. He has produced some excellent calves. His ancestors are from the Butler, Phillips, WR, and Wright families of Texas Longhorns. His dam and both granddams are among the breed's best cows. L Bet I Can, from the Betty Lamb breeding program, is the dam of many of the high-selling cows and bulls in the breed. The crossing of the great Phenomenon bull with the L Bet I Can cow is legendary for producing quality offspring. Crown's Classic Shadow is a result of the best bull from this great cross (Crown Royal) mated with an outstanding cow from Bail Jumper and Butler lineages (SK Classy Express).

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